About Uncle Dan’s

Uncle Dan’s® Seasonings and Salad Dressings has been making the best salad dressings, dips and seasonings for over 50 years.

Uncle Dan’s recipes are very low in fat. You can mix them using your favorite ingredients. You can customize ingredients used in preparing the dips and salad dressings to create a mix that is fresh and tailored to meet your dietary needs.

In addition, our products are gluten-free with no added MSG!

The History of Uncle Dan’s

In early 1966 Uncle Dan decided to turn the world of salad dressing on it’s ear. Working at home, he combined various spices, packaged them in sandwich bags and was on his way to promote the mixture in store demonstrations.

UNCLE DAN’S® “ORIGINAL SOUTHERN DRESSING” (now called Classic Ranch) became an immediate hit. Soon after, Uncle Dan’s registered the name with the U.S. Patent Office. Following the registration,  Uncle Dan’s incorporated the business.

veggiedip&cornchipsBy February of 1967 all major warehouses and direct buying chains west of the Cascades were ordering Uncle Dan’s® Salad Dressing. Within six months the product started moving into the Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington areas.

In 1973, Dan added the Country Dill flavor to his product line, followed by Creamy Ranch dressing. With the addition of the new flavors Uncle Dan’s Salad Dressing evolved into an industry staple.

Starting in 1974, international ties developed with the addition of a distributor in Canada. In just one year the Canadian market activity doubled. Bi-lingual packaging was provided to enhance sales in the French Canadian market.

In 1988, Uncle Dan added a Zesty Ranch Dip to further complement his growing product line. The fresh taste made it a popular favorite as chip and vegetable dips.

To celebrate the Uncle Dan’s® 30th anniversary in April of 1997, the Bleu Cheese dressing recipe came back. This was largely due to consumer demand.  Uncle Dan’s  added mail order service was added to accommodate customers who relocated from the Northwest to other areas of the United States.

A Loyal Consumer Following, Quality Ingredients, Unique Taste, Cost Savings and Versatility of Preparation have made Uncle Dan’s a leading provider of Dressing and Dip Mixes in the Northwest and Canada for over 40 years.