Trophy Spice started in the Idaho Panhandle of the Pacific Northwest in 2012.  Originating in a family meat shop, friends and family came together to create custom Artisan spice blends for domestic animals and wild game. Trophy Spice blends are all-natural, gluten, and MSG-free. These blends and rubs were created to bring excitement to foods you already love, by infusing them with totally unique flavors.  With the birthplace of Trophy Spice so close to world-class Wine Country, it only made sense to include some fantastic wine-based seasonings. What the originators of Trophy Spice came up with was a spice pallet like no one has ever created. However, they soon discovered our spices were extremely versatile in many types of cooking and cuisine. Especially, when you start talking wine compliments. We hope you enjoy our seasonings, share it with your family, and with friends.