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Now, for a limited time only, Zesty Ranch is available in a shaker bottle. This is a first, so don't miss out.
At some point in our 50-year history, customers began requesting a Ranch product that had just a little more zip. So, we took our creamy ranch product and added some onion and red pepper. This gives Uncle Dan’s Zesty Ranch a more robust and rich flavor. Perfect as a hearty dip on Game Day or a zestier dipping sauce for hot wings. Works very well as a sandwich spread.
  • Ranch with the added zest of peppers and onions for the perfect dip!
  • Perfect for salads and in recipes for added flavor and spice
  • Makes double the amount of zesty ranch dressing than the leading national competitor
  • Always gluten-free with no added MSG for a healthy and low-calorie meal
  • Made in the USA

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