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Grub Bowl Finalists 2014

September 12, 2014

Grub Bowl Finalists 2014

Time Trial Finalists


Time Trial #1 at Whiskey Dicks 5 lbs of Bangers and Mash Winner: Daryl Jones "Raider Nation" Ate 3 lbs 3.5 oz of Bangers and Mash Bangers
Time Trial #2 at Egg It On 4 lbs of Monster Meatloaf Mash Winner: Brooks Hunt Ate 2 lbs 5.6 oz of Meatloaf Mash Grub Bowl Spokane
Time Trial #3 at Egg It On 4 lbs of Pancakes Winner: Michael Ruggiere "Monkey Mike" Ate 1 lb 5.6 oz of pancakes pancakes
Time Trial #4 at Meltz Extreme Grilled cheese sandwich "The Oinker" Winner: Robert Berg "Fish Guy" Ate 1 lb 1 oz of The Oinker oinker
Time Trial #5 at Egg it On Sun-dried Tomato Scramble Winner: Brian Dust "Big Brian" Ate 1 lb 8 oz of Sun-dried Tomato Scramble rock
Time Trial #6 at Whiskey Dicks Reuben Winner: Bryan Hill "Brutal Bryan" Ate 1 lb 4 oz Grub Bowl Spokane
Time Trial #7 at Fast Eddie's Dagwood Sandwich Winner: Pete Fitch "PCP" Ate 1.6 lbs Grub Bowl Spokane
What Would You Eat Finalists
6/27 - Kevin McCoy "Big K" Chugged what we would call "A Bad Idea" Snails (with shells), night crawlers, homemade Moonshine, and a handful of other awful stuff. Grub Bowl Spokane
7/11 - James McIntosh "Jimmy Mac" Powers through a loaf of Bread. James
7/18 - Patrick O'Halloran "Big Nasty" Downed a "Smoothie" full of ingredients nominated by Rock 94.5 listeners. Big Nasty
8/1 - Josh Straub "Designer Josh" Dozen jelly filled maple bars. Josh
8/8 - Scott Peters "Sypher" Dozen raw eggs. scott

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