Uncle Dan’s has been serving the food industry for almost 50 years.  We are pleased to make our line of quality seasonings available to retail and food service businesses.  For years restaurants and retail business have benefitted from selling Uncle Dan’s.  Whether you have a restaurant that needs to add something fresh and exciting to the menu or a retail store that could benefit from something a little different Uncle Dan’s can help.

Uncle Dan’s Inc. is pleased to offer a wholesale, distributor and retail programs. We have bulk institutional containers for restaurants and large kitchens, as well as attractive packages and displays for retail merchants.

Wholesale, institutional and retailer accounts are set up on a case by case basis.  The minimum requirements for wholesale account are as follows.

  • Must serve food service, grocery or retail customers directly.
  • Must provide a business name, address, contact info, Federal (EIN)# or SSN (if sole prop).
  • Open accounts(invoice) must fill out proper paper work.
  • Must be an operating business (minimum 5 years) for open invoice.
  • All shipment are F.O.B. (customer is responsible for shipping from our packaging facility).

If you meet the following above requirements and interested in adding our versatile and profitable product line to your business please contact Uncle Dan’s at 1-800-777-8874 or send an email to information@uncledans.com for more information and pricing. You can also apply for vendor status and/or credit with the following forms:

Uncle Dan’s Vendor Request Application

Uncle Dan’s Vendor Credit Application

What we have to offer:

Retail packaging
Retail POS shipper (6 cases/72 pcs)

Food Service/wholesale: (all flavors available)
PC5 Size 7.5 pound (3/case)
PC1 Size 1.75 pound (6/case)

Servings per container:
PC1 – 1.75lb = 448 / 1oz. servings*
PC5 –    7.5lb = 2560 / 1oz. servings*
* based on mixed dressing recommended 1oz. serving

Unit Dimensions:
HEIGHT: 260.65mm (10.26″)
WIDTH: 131.57mm (5.18″)
DIAMETER: 192.07mm (7.56″)

HEIGHT: 191.5mm (7.54”)
WIDTH: 76.5mm (3.01”)
DIAMETER: 88.01mm (3.47”)

Case Dimensions:
PC1 x 6 = 10 3/8” x 6 1/8” x 7 3/8”      32ECT
PC5 x 3 = 15.25” x 12.5” x 8.5”           48ECT DBLW