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Welcome to Uncle Dan's

Experience a culinary journey with Uncle Dan's Seasonings and Salad Dressings. For over 50 years, we have been crafting the finest salad dressings, dips, and seasonings. Our recipes are delightfully low in fat, allowing you to indulge guilt-free. Experiment with your favorite ingredients and customize our mixes to create unique dips and dressings that are not only fresh, but catered to your dietary needs.

Savor the flavor without worry—our products are gluten-free with no added MSG!

Discover Our Roots

Our story began in 1966 when Uncle Dan dared to revolutionize the world of salad dressing. From his home kitchen, he meticulously combined various spices, packing them into simple sandwich bags. His delicious mixtures quickly caught attention during store demonstrations, leading to the inception of UNCLE DAN'S® “ORIGINAL SOUTHERN DRESSING” (now celebrated as Classic Ranch). This immediate success inspired the registration of the Uncle Dan's name with the U.S. Patent Office, followed by the official incorporation of our beloved brand.

Our Flavorful Journey

Uncle Dan's

By February 1967, Uncle Dan's® Salad Dressing was being ordered by all major warehouses and direct-buy chains west of the Cascades. Within just six months, our product started sprouting roots in the Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington areas. A new milestone was achieved in 1973 when Dan introduced the unique Country Dill flavor, followed by the delectable Creamy Ranch dressing. These new flavors enriched our product range, solidifying Uncle Dan's Salad Dressing as an industry mainstay.

In 1974, we expanded beyond borders by partnering with a distributor in Canada. Our engagement in the Canadian market doubled in just a year, leading to the introduction of bi-lingual packaging to cater to the French Canadian market.

Fast forward to 1988, Uncle Dan added a Zesty Ranch Dip to the lineup, further enriching our growing product portfolio. This fresh and delightful dip quickly became a favorite choice for chips and vegetables. Celebrating our 30th anniversary in April 1997, we reintroduced the Bleu Cheese dressing recipe, largely due to popular consumer demand. Additionally, we introduced a mail order service to reach out to our loyal customers who had moved away from the Northwest.

With a strong and loyal consumer base, quality ingredients, unique taste, cost savings, and versatility of preparation, Uncle Dan's has remained a preferred provider of Dressing and Dip Mixes in the Northwest and Canada for over four decades.