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Welcome to Uncle Dan's Experience a culinary journey with Uncle Dan's Seasonings and Salad Dressings. For over 50 years, we have been crafting the finest salad dressings, dips, and seasonings. Our recipes are delightfully low in fat, allowing you to indulge guilt-free. Experiment with your favorite ingredients and customize our mixes to create unique dips and dressings that are not only fresh, but catered to your dietary needs. Savor the flavor without worry—our products are gluten-free with no added MSG! Discover Our Roots Our story began in 1966 when Uncle Dan dared to revolutionize the world of salad dressing. From...

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Discover Uncle Dan's Ranch favorites - transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary delights!

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Uncle Dan's - natural, versatile, delicious. Elevate your meals and enjoy a healthier taste experience


Transform any dish with a sprinkle of our unique flavors. Embrace creativity in your culinary adventures with Uncle Dan's

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Savor the full flavors of your meals, worry-free! While Uncle Dan's seasonings contain naturally occurring MSG, we guarantee no additional MSG is added. This ensures your dishes are not only flavorful, but also naturally healthy.


Uncle Dans committed to providing you with seasonings that are as Healthy as they are delicious


Our seasonings are crafted from high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are painstakingly selected for their exceptional flavor profiles.

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Our seasonings are gluten-free, making them the perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions.


Uncle Dan's uses no artificial preservatives in our seasonings. Enjoy the clean, pure taste of real ingredients, just as nature intended.


There's a reason Uncle Dan's is loved by so many – it's downright delicious.


Our seasonings are designed to be quick and easy to use, delivering maximum flavor in minimum time.

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Fresh Ideas for Back to School Season

Fresh Ideas for Back to School Season

As the lazy, sun-drenched days of summer begin to wane and the crisp, excitement-filled beginnings of a new school year inch closer, families are gearing up for the annual transition of back to school season. Amid the hustle and bustle of organizing backpacks filled with fresh supplies, setting schedules, and handling the anticipation or anxiety that a new school year might bring, meal planning often plays an important role. As parents, ensuring our children are fueled with delicious meals for a...

Keeping Kids Fed During Summer Break

Keeping Kids Fed During Summer Break

Summer break is a wonderful time for kids to relax, play, and enjoy their time off from school. Encouraging them to eat healthy during this period can be beneficial for their overall well-being. Here are some ideas and tips for promoting healthy eating habits during summer break: Plan and involve kids in meal preparation! Engaging children in meal planning and preparation can make them more excited about the food they eat. Let them choose...