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A Gluten-Free Good Time!

January 29, 2016

A Gluten-Free Good Time!

The Gluten-Free Expo in Vancouver, BC early January may have been low on gluten, but it was packed with fun and flavor! Uncle Dan’s had a corner booth at the show, where Chris Stephens, General Manager, handed out samples of Dan’s dressings and seasonings, paired beautifully with other gluten-free grub. Neal Brothers mayo provides an excellent base for Dan’s dressings packets. Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips are colorful, funky and supremely dippable! Lundberg Rice Chips are another dipping classic, straight off the farm! All in all, the event provided an unparalleled opportunity to meet other creative food producers with products for the gluten-free community, while meeting awesome, friendly British Columbians and Vancouverites, and getting to do what we love-- share good food and Dan’s dressing. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show, all our new friends and fans, everyone who helped volunteer at the show and our booth, and all the other exhibitors who made the expo a gluten-free good time!

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Janice D.

have used Uncle Dan’s Dip for years & years, ever since it came out. The BEST !