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Bleu Cheese is Coming Back Soon, We Promise!

April 16, 2019

Bleu Cheese is Coming Back Soon, We Promise!

 We know that you want to know, "When are you gonna get Bleu Cheese back?" This is a question we have heard a lot. Uncle Dan is working on it. We promise. Because we've been getting asked so much, we thought we'd take a moment to talk about it more.

Last year, the supplier we used for many of the ingredients used in Uncle Dan's Bleu Cheese stopped providing those ingredients. Because Bleu Cheese is a great Uncle Dan's flavor and is an excellent product, it has taken some time to find comparable substitutes. But we think we have figured it out. Unfortunately, it will still take us some time to finalize the formula.
We hope that sometime in mid-2019, we can finally deliver our fantastic Bleu Cheese back to the market. So stay tuned and hang in there.


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