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Get Ranch Shakin' this March!

March 14, 2014

Get Ranch Shakin' this March!
Lots of things go mad in March. Basketball, the weather, and now. . . Uncle Dan's discounts are crazy, too! Until the end of the month, Classic Ranch Shaker Bottles are only $19.99! What, you may be asking, in the world is a Classic Ranch Shaker Bottle? One of the best things about Uncle Dan's Ranch Dressing is that it can be used to make a dressing or a dip, AND it can be used as a delicious seasoning. The Shaker Bottle makes it easier than ever to use Uncle Dan's Classic Ranch like any other spice. A dash there, or a spoonful here. And, the shaker bottles are 12 whole ounces, which is the equivalent of 18 normal Classic Ranch Dressing packets! It's fun, convenient, reusable and one heck of a deal. Right now through the end of the month, it's on sale too! Hop on over to our online store and get one today!

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