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The Northwest Never Tasted So Good!

October 07, 2015

The Northwest Never Tasted So Good!
The Northwest Taste is one of the largest food festivals this side of the Mississippi, a three day celebration of our region’s culinary contributions. Uncle Dan is proud to announce he will be participating in the festivities with Kitchen Spokane, October 16th-18th! Dan’s has been a seasoning staple in the Northwest for half a century. His flavors draw inspiration from this place, and flavor it in return. A taste of the Northwest wouldn’t have the same kick without a dash of Uncle Dan’s! “The Northwest Taste is an unparalleled opportunity to explore the culinary creativity and delicious innovation this region has to offer. Uncle Dan’s is thrilled to contribute to this smorgasbord of talent and taste,” says Uncle Dan’s President Chris Stephens. Uncle Dan will be accompanied by Kitchen Spokane. Kitchen Spokane is a non-profit commercial kitchen space open to public use! The Kitchen aims to provide a low-cost space for culinary startups, as well as cooking classes and a food product development program. Kitchen Spokane is starting to play an integral role in fostering the growth and prestige of food businesses across the region. Jayme Cozzetto of the Kitchen notes "We are excited to partner with a local Northwest company to help showcase some of our chefs!” The Northwest Taste is a three day food festival with exhibitions, cooking classes, lots of samples (of course!), celebrity chef appearances, book signings and more!

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