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Uncle Dan Goes Mobile

December 07, 2015

Uncle Dan Goes Mobile
The Uncle Dan’s  website is now fully compatible with your mobile devices! Tablets, handhelds, palmpilots, smart phones, smarter phones, small laptops, big watches….pagers, are those still a thing?....The point is, if it’s got access to the internet and goes with you, you can use it to order some of Dan's dressing! “But, Dan,” you ask, “why does this matter? I don’t need you with me all the time….” Au contraire! Suppose you’re in the aisles of a grocery store that, *gasp*, doesn’t sell Uncle Dan’s! Never fear! You can still do all your shopping in one trip. Just whip out your phone and order some fantastic flavor. Or maybe you’re in the kitchen and can’t quite remember that scrumptious Afternoon With Uncle Dan recipe you wanted to try…. Just look it up with a few quick swipes! Uncle Dan’s new mobile site: making your life delicious, even on the go.

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