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Uncle Dan Returns to Wray's, 50 Years Later!

May 24, 2016

Uncle Dan Returns to Wray's, 50 Years Later!

On May 21st, 1966, at Wray’s Thriftway in Yakima, Washington, the man we would come to know as Uncle Dan wowed shoppers with demos of his dry dressing and seasoning packets. Fifty years later, Uncle Dan returned to Wray's, joined by his son and present General Manager of Uncle Dan’s Salad Dressings, to celebrate half a century of work and flavor, to connect with the community Uncle Dan’s came from, and, of course, to offer in-store demos of his dry dressing and seasoning packets.

Loyal Uncle Dan’s fans came from far and wide to meet the man behind the dressing, and hang out with two generations of Dans. Some even left with their own priceless dressing packets personally signed by Uncle Dan!

Thank you to everyone who made this anniversary special, and stay tuned throughout the year for special events and discounts in honor of Uncle Dan’s half a century of delicious dressings.

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Mike C.

I worked in sales for Groesbeck & Mancini in 1976-1980 in Seattle. We were the food brokers that help Uncle Dan move his products in our market. Still remember going to Roach Harbor in his beautiful boat. He personally flew us back to Seattle after a really fun weekend. Memories!


Colleen D.

Always thought you came out before the other brand. I was 5. My dad’s southern family swore by your brand.
I now have lived in Alaska for 44 years, and yours is still the best! Use it for all sorts of goodies!


John b.

Congrats we were possible one of your first customers way back .Very good dressing


John b.

Best dressing EVER made,We moved to South Dakota 10 years ago and just found out we could order original uncle dans on enter net .after living in Auburn Washington for 50 years wife me and two daughters won’t eat any thing else
thank you for a very fine product.


Jim F.

I grew up enjoying Uncle Dan’s and my folks always went to Wray’s to buy the packets. We’ve spread the love with as many people as we can. I’ve been living in Indiana for decades now and have not found anything that can touch Uncle Dan’s. In fact, time to place another order. :)


Peter N.

Thank you such much for the autograph package of Uncle Dan’s ranch dressing and a picture with uncle Dan and also the two quarters that Uncle Dan gave me out of his own pocket! I taped the two quarters to the package of autograph salad dressing and will keep it forever!
Also after trying Uncle Dan’s dressing for the first time I am hooked and a customer for life or as long as they keep making it!


Theresa L.

I would like your company to sell it in Windsor, Ontario Canada again. Mt Metro store use to carry it bot now I can not find it in any store.


Larry .

My family started eating the greatest dip when I was a senior in college – 1967 – and we have not stopped. We buy it by the case. Will have some this weekend for Memorial Day.