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Uncle Dan's® Salad Dressings, Dips, and Seasonings Expands Into All of Canada

November 07, 2019

Uncle Dan's® Salad Dressings, Dips, and Seasonings Expands Into All of Canada
In May of this year, Uncle Dan's Salad Dressings, Dips, and Seasonings began expanding into eastern Canada. Uncle Dan’s products can now be found in over 1,000 retail outlets across all of Canada from Victoria, B.C. to St. John's, Newfoundland.

“Uncle Dan’s has been the number one selling dry mix salad dressing and dip mix in western Canada since 1971,” says President Chris Stephens. “We’ve been working to expand into the rest of Canada for some time and it’s exciting to see that hard work paid off.”
Approximately 220 new stores were added from Sobey's Ontario and Atlantic divisions in Canada. That’s in addition to 690 stores including independent grocers; Safeway; Buy-Low; IGA; Sobey's West, East and Atlantic divisions; as well as Save-On-Foods with 180 stores, Fed Coop with 220 stores, Quality Foods, and Fairway stores. There are seven different SKU's available depending on the retailer. Some outlets list all seven SKUs and others like Sobey's have chosen to list four SKUs nationally in all their stores across Canada.
Uncle Dan’s worked with longtime distributor Star Marketing, Ltd. to make this expansion possible. Star Marketing has done a masterful job of overseeing the listing process.

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Penelope .

Where is this available in the GTA? (Greater Toronto Area)


L R.

This is the best dressing mix, you can’t get it in Canada anymore, please bring it back to Costco……