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Uncle Dan's Country Dill Dressing Recipe

Recipe By: Uncle Dan's

Prep time:

0h : 10m

Cooking time:

0h : 0m

Total Time:

0h : 10m

Serving Size:

32 oz

Experience the burst of fresh dill flavor with Uncle Dan's® Country Dill Salad Dressing Mix & Dill Dip Recipe. This versatile recipe serves as a salad dressing and a dip, perfect to accompany your meals or snacks. You can make it healthier by substituting the buttermilk or mayonnaise with cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, low-fat sour cream, or low-fat mayonnaise. Always find this recipe on the back of your Uncle Dan's Country Dill mix packet.


  • 1 packet Country Dill
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 2 cups mayonnaise


  1. Combine the Country Dill, buttermilk, and mayonnaise in a bowl.
  2. Mix the ingredients together until well-combined and smooth.
  3. For optimal flavor, let the dressing mix sit for at least 8 hours before serving to let the flavors meld perfectly.
  4. Keep it refrigerated and serve it over your favorite salads or as a dip!

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