Do you like Bleu Cheese? We know it's not for everyone. Uncle Dan knew this when he created his Bleu Cheese. Especially when it came to kids. So, he created a very creamy and mildly flavored Bleu Cheese Dressing. The super thing about this product is the mild Bleu Cheese flavor. It is not overpowering so it can easily be used as a base for a steak sauce or a very easy Bleu Cheese Dressing.

If you add your own fresh Bleu Cheese crumbles it will take it from out of the park to out of this world. A perfect idea for Chicken Wings. (That’s a HINT)

  • The perfect blend of traditional bleu cheese flavor
  • Perfect for salads and in recipes for added flavor and spice
  • Makes double the amount of bleu cheese salad dressing than the leading national competitor
  • Always gluten-free with no added MSG for a healthy and low-calorie meal
  • Made in the USA

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