Uncle Dan's Sampler Pack
Uncle Dan's Sampler Pack Double
Uncle Dan's Sampler Packs
Uncle Dan's New Flavor Sampler Pack

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  • Offers a variety of Uncle Dan's fine products
  • Great way to explore different flavors and styles
  • Perfect for new and longtime Uncle Dan's customers
  • Ideal for sampling before buying in bulk
  • Four different sampler packs available for variety
  • Allows customization of sampler packs to your taste
  • Includes a range of dressings like ranch dill & more
  • Enables discovery of new favorites from Uncle Dan's


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Explore an array of flavors with Uncle Dan's Sampler Packs, your gateway to a world of zesty, creamy, tangy, and savory dressings and seasonings. Perfect for those seeking variety, or wanting to venture into new culinary territories, our Sampler Packs offer a diverse taste profile to cater to all palates. Whether you're a seasoned Uncle Dan's fan or new to our rich range of products, these Sampler Packs are a fantastic way to explore beyond the Best Ranch Ever (B.R.E.). With the flexibility to choose from Original Southern Classic Ranch, Creamy Ranch, California Country Dill, Bleu Cheese, Zesty Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Mediterranean Garlic & Italian, our four unique packs provide a convenient avenue for you to sample our offerings before committing to a full case purchase. Dive into a world of flavor with Uncle Dan's Sampler Packs - the choice is all yours!