Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Chard 5oz Shaker Bottle With Spice Bowl
Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Chard 2oz Shaker Bottle
Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Chard 5oz Shaker Bottle

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  • Brings Chardonnay's rich buttery flavor to dishes
  • Infused with vanilla and sweet spices for a smoky note
  • Versatile seasoning for vegetables fish pork and chicken
  • Easy to use - just sprinkle for instant flavor boost
  • Ideal for enhancing any dish's flavor profile
  • Upgrades regular meals to gourmet level with ease


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Experience the rich, buttery flavor of Chardonnay in every bite with Uncle Dan's Vino Chard, a flavorful seasoning blend that highlights subtle tones of vanilla and other sweet spices to bring out a wonderful, aromatic, slightly smokey flavor. Perfect for seasoning a variety of dishes, from fresh steamed vegetables and fish to pork, chicken, pasta, and even pizza, Uncle Dan's Vino Chard adds depth and flavor to any meal. And because it's so easy to use, you can enjoy all the flavors of Chardonnay without any of the fuss. So why wait? Try Uncle Dan's Vino Chard today and discover a new way to enhance the flavor of all your dishes!