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Easiest garlic bread EVER! We had to get that out of the way because our Gramps 3 Cheese is so much more than an easy garlic bread seasoning blend. How did we get here, you ask? Quite simply, we started with three of the most famous Italian cheeses - Asiago, Romano, and Parmesan! Gramps 3 Cheese is a very well rounded blend of Asiago, Romano (for a bit of saltiness), Parmesan (for a bit of fruitiness), Dill (for some aromatic nose and savory flavor), and we finished off with just a tiny amount of cayenne pepper (for a KICK!). The resulting seasoning blend is a blend that has a unique flavor that melts in your mouth, but it leaves you wanting more! Did we mention it makes killer garlic bread?

  • Clean ingredients and Gluten Free.
  • Uses only the best tasting italian cheeses.
  • Try it on popcorn!
  • Make an italian three cheese dressing for salad (just use oil and vinegar).
  • Makes the easiest Garlic Bread ever.