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Vino Merlot is another shining star we have in our product line up. It is a rich smooth seasoning that finishes slightly sweet and acidic on the palette. A unique combination of sea salt, garlic, Worcestershire sauce powder, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce solids, and other wonderful flavors. The unique flavor profile allows it to be used on any meat and allows pairing with your favorite red or white wine of choice. Remove the difficulties of cooking with wine and simplify your creations. Vino Merlot is an excellent seasoning for adding a great flavor to just about anything. ATTENTION Sportsmen! This is a great seasoning for just about any wild catch or bagged wild game.

  • Clean simple ingredients
  • Great for heavy proteins and wild game!
  • MSG and gluten free
  • Pairs well with full-bodied red wines
  • Contains soy