Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Merlot 4oz Shaker Bottle With Spice Bowl
Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Merlot 2oz Shaker Bottle
Uncle Dan's Trophy Spice Vino Merlot 4oz Shaker Bottle

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  • Seasoning offers a rich smooth flavor for depth
  • Unique blend with sea salt garlic and Worcestershire
  • Sweet acidic finish from vinegar and sugar mix
  • Versatile seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes
  • Just sprinkle for a rich smooth flavor boost
  • Perfect for enhancing dishes with a smooth taste


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Add a rich, smooth flavor to your dishes with Uncle Dan's Vino Merlot, a unique seasoning blend that finishes slightly sweet and acidic on the palette. Made with a combination of sea salt, garlic, Worcestershire sauce powder, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce solids, and other ingredients, Uncle Dan's Vino Merlot adds depth and flavor to any dish. Whether you are using it on meats, vegetables, or any other dish, Uncle Dan's Vino Merlot is a versatile and delicious condiment that is sure to become a new go-to in your kitchen. So why wait? Try Uncle Dan's Vino Merlot today and discover a new way to enhance the flavor of all your dishes!