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Have you ever cooked with wine or alcohol? If you have then you know that if you do not get it just right you can ruin your dish. Our Vino Gris seasoning has a light fruity note that works great for seafood or light meats such as pork or chicken. We've blended the perfect amount of onion, garlic salt, vanilla sugar for just the right amount of sweetness, dehydrated lemon for acidity and aroma. A unique flavorful combination that melts in your mouth. It's ingredients are clean and sharp, and because you use it your way, it's always going to taste fresh. Try mixing it with some plain or vanilla yogurt and serve with fresh granny smith apples! Sooooooo GOOD!!

  • Use on your main dish, side or as an appetizer
  • Tastes great on chicken, fish or pork
  • Use the seasoning as a topping for pasta
  • Mix with yogurt or cream cheese for a refreshing fruit dip or bagel topping
  • No MSG, gluten free, and clean.