Uncle Dan’s and Safeway: Location, Location, Location!

Uncle Dan’s has been carried in Safeway stores for over 45 years. Currently, Uncle Dan’s can be found in 274 Safeway stores in the Pacific Northwest. Safeway carries Creamy Ranch and Classic Ranch. Uncle Dan’s will be located in a different section in U.S. Safeway stores for a period of 8-10 months. Traditionally, Uncle Dan’s is located by the other dry salad dressing mixes. Now, Uncle Dan’s will be moved next to the section where croutons are located. Use our Store Locator to find Uncle Dan's at a store near you! Watch the video to find out more about where... Read more...



Introducing Trophy Spice!

February 04, 2015

Introducing Trophy Spice!

Uncle Dan’s is proud to announce that we have partnered with another northwest favorite, Trophy Spice! Trophy Spice is an all natural blend and  rub line of seasoning. They were created to help bring excitement to the meats you already love, by infusing them with totally unique flavors. Trophy Spice originated in a family meat shop on the farm where friends and family came together to create custom spice blends to use in making summer sausage. Later, Trophy Spice developed custom blends for seasoning deer, elk and beef. It was soon discovered that the spices were extremely versatile in many... Read more...

Uncle Dan's Classic Ranch Shaker Available Now!

By popular demand, we continue to carry the Uncle Dan' Classic Ranch Shaker Bottle.   The Uncle Dan’s shaker bottle contains 12 ounces of our world famous “Original Southern Classic Ranch” Dressing and Dip mix. It will make the equivalent of 18 (that’s right 18) packages of Uncle Dan’s Original Southern Classic Ranch Dressing .75oz. The best part about this item is that you can not only make your Uncle Dan’s Original Southern Classic Ranch Dressing but you can use the convenient shaker feature to shake Uncle Dan’s over your baked potatoes, your hamburgers, make our awesome pretzels (see our recipe... Read more...

Albertsons Now Carries Creamy Ranch Singles and Twin Packs

Uncle Dan’s Seasoning and Salad Dressing proudly announces that Albertsons stores that currently carry Uncle Dan’s will now carry the Creamy Ranch single pack and Creamy Ranch twin pack. “Uncle Dan’s has been in Albertsons stores for as long as I can remember,“ Says President Chris Stephens, “We’re excited to be adding Creamy Ranch regular and twin packs to their shelves.” For over 30 years, Albertsons has carried Uncle Dan’s Seasoning and Salad Dressings, Currently, over 100 Albertsons stores in the Pacific Northwest carry Uncle Dan’s Classic Ranch, Creamy Ranch and Blue Cheese. To find the nearest Albertsons carrying Uncle... Read more...



Uncle Dan's is coming to WinCo!

Uncle Dan’s Seasoning and Salad Dressing is proud to announce that Uncle Dan’s Original Southern Classic Ranch and Uncle Dan’s Country Dill will now be available in WinCo Foods. WinCo Foods will be carrying the two flavors 31 locations in the Pacific Northwest. “We did a survey and found that over 20% of our customers shop at WinCo,” Says President Chris Stephens, “it was time to meet our customers where they are, and where they shop.” To find the nearest WinCo carrying Uncle Dan’s Seasoning and Salad Dressing, visitors to the Uncle Dan’s website can type in their zip code... Read more...